Thursday, 21 September 2017

Stunning beach cottage nestled on a steep slope

Schola Architecture has designed this incredible Temple Hills Residence in Laguna Beach, California. The design for the Temple Hills Residence is a study in connections. The project is an addition and remodel to an existing 1950’s post and beam beach cottage. Taking cues from the eclectic neighborhood the design captures the essence of the existing cottage, and reinterprets the traditional post and beam into a unique residence. The resulting solution is a house of two faces connected through a thin sheet of glass.
Nestled into a steeply sloping 5,000-square foot site, the volumes step up the hillside to the rear of the existing home creating an ascending series of interior and exterior spaces, giving access to all levels of the property. While the existing home creates the traditional base for the house, the new addition exploits the modular nature of post and beam connections. A monolithic concrete block mass anchors the addition; from which structure and glass pin wheel off creating ever dematerializing living spaces that open up to the views as one moves up through the home.
At the heart of the sustainable strategies employed throughout the home is the reuse of the entire existing home. In addition, solar orientation, deep overhangs and operable glass allow the house to breathe throughout the year with little mechanical assistance. The palette is a mix of renewable and exposed building materials, eliminating the need for secondary finishes.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Beautiful family home in Barcelona

The house is situated in the heart of an old town district in Barcelona, Spain. The urban grid of the area is characterized by small, narrow and long plots. The plot is very long and connects two streets. Designed by Ferrolan LAB, the proposal for the architectural design of this 3,767 square foot (350 square meters) family home was to take these shortcomings and try to turn them into positives. Because of the limited front and the depth of the house, the treatment of light became the most important aspect of the project. Due to the pre-existing features, the architects decided to explore developing the house vertically with the addition of several floors to meet the different needs of the project.
Therefore, the layout is distributed as follows: The ground floor features a garage and a cinema. Then, in the mezzanine, there are two rooms connected by a living-study which opens to a patio garden. On the first floor you are greeted with a courtyard. On one side of the courtyard you will find the dining-room and on the other, a kitchen that’s connected with a gallery which can be converted as a terrace during the summer.
On the second floor are the bedrooms, and a pool terrace on the roof. The distributions of the different rooms are built with large open spaces and communicate amongst themselves in an almost transparent way. By including the double spaces generated by the courtyard, the house becomes very flexible and reconfigurable, with the capacity to be changed at any moment.
The architects wanted to create a dwelling space that was able to take advantage of the outdoors while avoiding the stress of the city. The house had the need to open fully to the outside, while ensuring the maximum inner privacy. The two facades have large openings, but are resolved differently.

Get inspired: beach home in WaterColor

This beautiful coastal home is located in WaterColor, Florida along the Gulf Coast and was designed by Georgia Carlee of GCI Design. Constructed as the perfect vacation getaway home for a couple and their two older children so they could enjoy the pristine beaches and family time together. The screened in porch is their favorite room in the home to kick back and enjoy a warm fire and watch the sunset. The home features casual contemporary interiors with an open floor plan with traditional architectural elements throughout. To keep the beachy abode in harmony, all spaces have been embellished with accessories from the sea, including starfish and shells. With the perfect combination of texture and clean lines, the home features a light palette with interiors that echo the hues of water and sand, giving the feeling of a calming place to live. Via

According to the designer, “I like details, but I don’t like fussiness. I also like to establish balance in a room. Everything in the living room was rectangular, so I chose a sofa with a curved back and a round table to add softness and counter the straight lines.”

This beautiful space features four sets of french doors linking the outdoors into the casual eating area.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

James Bond house perched on the edge

This spectacular masterpiece is literally one of the most architecturally significant homes in the entire world. Known as “The Elrod House”, this John Lautner-designed home was commissioned by designer Arthur Elrod in 1968 and has been featured in numerous books, magazines and museum exhibitions. It is the iconic home perched at the very tip of the Southridge enclave, easily viewable throughout Palm Springs. Organic shapes, monumental construction and world class design create an extraordinary experience of space that Lautner himself described as “timeless” architecture.
The 60 foot wide circular living room is surmounted by a conical dome that fans out in nine petals between nine clerestories angled up to bring in light. Retractable curved glass curtain walls open the entire living room and pool terrace to panoramic views of Mount San Jacinto, Mount San Gorgonio and the full sweep of the valley below and mountain ranges beyond. The very rock of the ridge is incorporated into the design throughout the home. The Elrod Residence was the location for the sequence in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever in which Bond battles female assassins “Bambi” and “Thumper”.
Visit the John Lautner Foundation website here.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Do it yourself home flooring

If you want to have amazing flooring at your home, it is best to consider the do-it-yourself option. There are indeed a number of flooring options and types available to choose from. For instance, you can begin with choosing the best flooring material. If you wish to have simple and warm yet highly textured home, you can choose from the wide variety of flooring materials. The list includes maple, oak, ash, cherry and several others.

The Do-it-yourself flooring option requires you to prepare and indulge in measuring, pasting, sawing, sand papering, polishing as well as coating the floor. One will even need to deal with treating wood to safeguard it from dust and moisture.

When purchasing the unfinished flooring, ensure that you get perfect specifications. It is better that you allow for some additional quantity for the cutting waste. You need to be committed to the flooring project whole heartedly in order to enjoy the results.

There are several do-it-yourself flooring kits available as well that help a great deal to enjoy home flooring in no time. You just need some tools and equipment to carry out with perfect flooring and you can have your home featured with nice, modern and durable flooring.

What more, the DIY flooring option is used by many to save the amount otherwise spent on paying the contractors and workers. The kits are available with simple instruction manual and necessary items to carry on with easy and simple home flooring. The step by step instruction manual is easy to understand as well and this makes the do-it-yourself task a simpler and effective one.
So, what are you planning? Just opt for DIY home flooring and enjoy great décor.

Luxurious island villa on Discovery Bay

Located in Discovery Bay, Jamaica and built in 2000, Amonoka Villa, whose name in Indonesian means “peaceful home”, is a luxurious 9,600 square-foot creation executed to perfection. Amonka’s imaginative architects used only materials of the finest quality and many of the authentic design elements were imported from Bali, especially much of the wood and woven cane used for some of the ceilings. Stepping through the inner garden gate of Amanoka transports one into an unexpected world. The very beautiful and intimate, yet formal garden with fish pond leads the way to the main house. Crossing the garden bridge one enters a large entry hall, decorated with live orchids, that opens to a open-air Balinese pavilion and infinity pool overlooking the clear blue waters of Discovery Bay. Amanoka’s main pavilion houses an elegant living room, dining area, entertainment and lounge room, and three of the villa’s six bedrooms, each designed to a different style and all with bath en suite. True to its name, there are fresh orchid arrangements dispersed around the home and soothing textures of bamboo and teak throughout. Amanoka’s additional three bedrooms are located within the beautifully-appointed Annex, which connects to the main house via a landscaped interior courtyard. The Annex bedrooms are equally distinct and also have bath en suite. All open onto private balconies or terraces with lovely views of the gardens and bay. Photo Credit: David Massey

A quick stroll through Amanoka’s landscaped exteriors, with unexpected meandering ponds and fountains, brings you to a private sandy beach with waterfront gazebo.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bedroom Design Ideas – Redesign Your Bedroom

Most people choose bedroom as their most favorite place in the house. It is reasonable since bedroom is the most personal room of all rooms in the house. Bedroom can really define what kind of person the owner is. People change, and so do their bedrooms.
If you are bored of your room, you can change the design of it. This article may help you to redesign your bedroom. It might help you to get your own bedroom design ideas. First, you should remember that bedroom is the only room of your house that should suit you perfectly.

bedroom design ideas

You can get advice from room designers on how you should design your bedroom. However, it will be better if you take the advice as the inspiration for you to design your bedroom according to your own genuine taste.There are bedroom design ideas that you can apply to your bedroom available on internet.

Some of them are completed with pictures. The first thing you need to do when you want to redecorate your room is making list of thing you want to put in your bedroom. You have to plan carefully what kind of wall finishes you want to use, the furniture you want to put in your bedroom, carpets, curtains, bed sheets, lighting and other detailed things to decorate your bedroom.
You can use your old furniture and stuffs to be kept in your newly decorated bedroom. You can also buy new things which are more suitable with your current taste. When planning on which item should be put on specific place, you need to consider the size of the stuff and space available for it.
It should be done before you buy things to be placed in your bedroom, otherwise you will only waste your money. You can get bedroom design ideas from internet, magazines or your friends’ bedroom. Then, you can modify the models of bedroom you have seen according to your personal taste. Hiring a professional designer is of course an excellent idea, but it may cost you more money.
A professional room designer will help you to interpret your idea and taste. He/she will calculate perfectly on how much you will spend to get the bedroom that you want. There are options you can choose to redecorate your bedroom. You have to make sure that you design your bedroom according to your personal taste. It will make you more comfortable being in your bedroom.

How to Makeover Bedroom Interior Designs


To determine how to  makeover your bedroom interior designs that can give the decorating impression is filled with peace and comfort then it is necessary to consider the activity or condition of the user.
In this case that before determining the best option remains the inspiration and design ideas poured in a personal touch of owner character without reducing the aesthetic value. Good designs It is not that only expensive design are good or successful, but a careful balance between aesthetics and function as mentioned above gives rise to a comfortable

The bedroom is a room that most need attention in the design compared to other rooms because the bedroom is a private space that used to rest, often also for work and leisure and Some people even like to spend most of his time in the room

To obtain a satisfactory result design then this should be done since the beginning of the first times we build or renovate houses because then we would be flexible in determining the bedroom interior designs and allow you to add or change the design someday because the needs and theme you have set from the beginning
Some things to consider before you makeover bedroom in designing are :
Style : Basic to develop ideas on the design can be started by determining the force that will be used. Is that the neoclassical style, modern, minimalist or contemporary. Find the style you choose from the beginning
Wall color: color selection is very influenced theme bedroom, choose colors that is soft and soothing and comfortable to use for relaxing because of the color can affect someone’s mood
Floor. After determining the concept and atmosphere of  bedroom interior designs will subsequently begin to determine the type of floor finishing materials. Wood floors (parquet) to gave the impression of a warm atmosphere. But ceramic or granite tile also provides a wide variety of choices for style and color.
Lighting arrangements: the lighting for the bedroom should be adjusted either by using natural lighting and lighting effects. Use downlights to provide a soft light on your bed room
The use of furniture: Choice of furniture in order to always adjust to the style that you select so that it will reinforce the character of your bedroom. If you choose a classic style then you can choose furniture featuring wood fibers using melamic spray techniques  or HPL wood pattern  layer can be selected or  if you choose a more modern style and pop  then the furniture can use the finishing paint duco

The mysterious vanishing house on the coast

In South Africa’s ‘Garden Route’ coastline, five hours east of Capetown, the McGowan’s designed this exquisite house themselves on the site of a former cottage, using plenty of glass to create a semi-transparent building arranged around a double height living room. The couple both used to live in Clerkenwell, London, Trevyn was an actor turned interior designer and Julian was a theater set designer. The two embarked on a interior design company together called Site Specific, but through trips to Trevyn’s roots in South Africa, the two decided to move and never looked back. They had originally thought they might just renovate the cottage, but it soon evolved into a much more ambitious project. Julian, who is not an architect, had visions of his own, so he drew up the plans of how he envisioned the home to look. The house opens up to views of the sea to the front, and banks of folding glass doors to the rear creating a seamless flow between the interiors and the rear garden and its more sheltered terrace. There is a choice of outdoor zones, from a beach-side canopied deck to a rear terrace partly shaded by trees, and a roof deck complete with outdoor fireplace and a bathtub large enough for the whole family. The residence was kept in neutral colors to help transpose the bold and colorful artwork and designer pieces with their unique textures and mixed hues. The home has been furnished with a mix of junk-shop finds and 20th-century classics, with art by Marc Quinn who is a friend of the family, as well as others. Much of the furniture is by South African designers such as Heath Nash and Gregor Jenkin. Via

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Rustic beach house in Brazil

Architects Bernardes + Jacobsen designed a tropical house in an area of forested mountains and vegetal profusion, on the Brazilian fjord of Saco do Mamanguá. The area is so remote that the family can only reach its house by boat or helicopter. The home was built as a weekend vacation home for a couple from São Paulo and their five children. The family makes a three hour drive to a small colonial town called Paraty and hop on a speed boat to get to their secluded compound. The home is so secluded in fact, that it was sought out for the next Twilight move, “Breaking Dawn” which is due to be released in November, as the setting for vampire Edward’s honeymoon with his human bride, Bella.
“Instead of siting the house on the property’s highest point, as his client imagined, Bernardes suggested placing the nearly 11,000-square-foot building closer to the beach, nestled between two small hills. Bernardes knew cooling breezes would flow naturally through the pass and also clear through the house; this in turn led him to a dramatic layout in which a double-height living area, open to the elements through louvered windows and pivoting glass doors, would spill out onto a deep, shaded veranda extending the full length of the house.”
The central room in the home is divided into three parts. To one side of the home there is a kitchen, dining room, and a service wing, which sits below a spacious master suite. On the other side there are two guest room, and a family room that lies below the children’s rooms. A bridge spans the open living area to connect the family sleeping quarters. With skylights bringing in plenty of natural light and planters set in the floor brimming with palm and banana trees, the interior has been made to feel like an extension of the exterior.
The exterior facade is composed of exposed eucalyptus posts and beams. The home uses natural materials throughout, sustainable energy, and the landscape was disturbed as little as possible, chosing plants and flowers that are native to the area. The inviting spaces have been furnished with richly hued wood pieces from Bali and Brazil that give a tropical flair to the home. The floor tiles were custom designed from the workshop of Francisco Brennand, a renowned ceramic artist based in northeastern Brazil. Via

A view into the double-height living room from the veranda. Pivoting doors allow sea breezes to pass through the house.
The family room, with a ceiling of woven straw, is a secluded alternative to the open living area beyond.
The plantation chairs and other outdoor furniture, all made of tropical hardwoods, are from Bali and Brazil.

Like a rope bridge in the jungle, a walkway with eucalyptus railings spans from the master bedroom on one side of the living room across to the children’s rooms.
The walls and ceiling of the master bedroom are covered in woven-straw panels, the work of artisans in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.
Photos: Iain Kemp

A tropical summer retreat in Rio de Janeiro

A gorgeous summer retreat, the Laranjeiras Residence was designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados, in a gated community on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This sultry residence is composed of 10,226 square feet (950 square meters) of living space.
From the architects, “Built in a gated community on the southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, this summer house, with its 950 square meter, had its architectural approach defined by the natural beauty of its surroundings: one of Brazil’s most gorgeous landscapes. Both for its technical features and for the design freedom it provides, steel was the material of choice for the house structure. Its outward look, however, is covered in wood, a device used to protect it from the sea air and make it more familiar-looking amid the green Mata Atlântica. In order to provide maximum integration between the internal and external areas, large glazed windows were used, allowing virtually every room in the house ample interaction with the landscape.
To counterbalance the use of timber, the essential element in the project’s aesthetic arrangement, interior areas were conceived with strong emphasis on the dialogue among materials, finished or unfinished – oscillating between rustic and high-tech. To that end, one of the main challenges faced by the architect was selecting furniture and decorative pieces that were contemporary in their look yet were in keeping with the seaside mood. Also, low pieces were chosen, so that nothing would get in the way of the view out into the sea.
We mixed sophisticated and contemporary finishes (such as lacquer, mirrors and stainless steel) and more rustic ones (seagrass, reclaimed wood). The materials must also be suitable for use on the coast”, tells the architect, who also highlights the fluidity given by the airy layout and the pure and simple juxtaposition of contemporary design furniture and handcrafted pieces.” Via
Visit Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados website here.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Transparent greenhouse with a cool atmosphere

The house is located in one of the oldest residential colonies in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, designed by architecture firm Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. It is almost the only sheered area of the city that is mostly leveled, and this allows the place to receive good winds and to accomplish a great view from the second level at the nor-west of the city. The irregular shape of the space generates a sharp corner surrounded by the great foliage of trees that are already located on the sidewalk.
The scheme is defined in perspective by two very evident brackets where one embraces the front and the other embraces the garden, the union of both generates a void that tops in the heart of the house with an internal large myrtle tree.
The house was designed with high, generous and continuing spaces, there are no obstacles in sight, and the structure of the house is forged by tall beams that border the non-supported spaces which allow the continuity of the view all the way to the background.
When touring the house the gardens which accompany the visitor interweave all the way through, the first of which is a great high, generous and transparent greenhouse that surrounds an extended garden of lush vegetation that rises up to 30 feet high and creates a cool and calmed atmosphere

 The house is jealous of its privacy, so it has a double circulation where you can flow freely through private spaces, while separating common and personnel areas.
In order to achieve a powerful formal concept, the use of the materials is almost even in all the areas, wood extends from the floor to walls and doors, ceramic floor with perfect interior finishing covers the entire surface, the volumes that stand out are a powerful and well defined spaces, in particular the raw concrete fireplace that gives strength to the big open living and the other which is a great hanging wall that divides spaces and fusions as part of the whole.
Guadalajara has an extraordinary weather, even though its sometimes hot, the house’s terraces are almost always peaceful all year round, the lush vegetation is always in the gardens, so the house in its social areas opens as a large terrace, the windows are stored and exterior and interior integrates as one.
A special lattice was designed to the west side for the second level, which allows horizontal rays of sunlight and great view at the same time, the lattice is forged in two pieces that were previously glazed in advance with automotive paint, which are in addition, forming a hanging box so they do not allow any water access.
The house is born of the two brackets that when joined a monolithic, concise and dynamic volume is formed, where the site’s characteristics as well as the transparent and depth tours are always perceived and enjoyed.
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

8 Stunning apartment with spectacular views

This stunning apartment home in Gardet, a part of Stockholm, Sweden starts off with an entrance plan that welcomes with a spacious hallway and ample storage. The living room features a fireplace, parquet flooring and bay window with a dining area. This is output to a balcony with morning sun and views of Gardet. A modern, lavish galley kitchen is decorated with marble and wood countertops, recycled glass tile backsplash, white cabinetry and fine details. At the opposite end of the ground floor are a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. Upstairs features an open and airy floor plan with skylights and large glass patio doors that leads out to the 172 square foot (16 square meters) terrace. Here one can enjoy an impressive view over the whole town, sunny lunches and wonderful sunsets over the rooftops. Roof plane holds forth a bedroom and a bathroom with a steam room. All materials throughout this incredible 1,033 square foot (96 square meters) home are lavish and updated to current trends. For sale here.